Amanda Wilson is a singer in the UK House music act Freemasons. As part of the act she has scored two major UK hit singles, one of which went on to success in several European charts and the Billboard Dance Chart.


Amanda provided lead vocals on the track “When We Were In Love” which made it to the semi final of “The Great British Song Contest 1998” to select the UK’s entry for the Eurovision song contest. Amanda has a four octave vocal range and her vocals have been compared to Mariah Carey, and indeed it was her vocals on Mariah style ballads that she had co-written which first brought her vocal skills to the attention of music industry A&R. However most of Amanda’s success has been found as a guest vocalist working with dance acts.

Amanda has provided lead vocals on many tracks on the Freemasons’ album Shakedown. It is believed that The Freemasons discovered Wilson while singing at a karaoke bar in the Méditerranée. Her biggest hit was the Freemasons track, “Love On My Mind“, which reached number 11 in 2005 on the official UK Top 40. The song samples vocals from “This Time Baby” by Jackie Moore and lyrics from “When The Heartache Is Over” by Tina Turner. Amanda’s vocals on the track were electronically lowered in pitch to blend in with the sampled vocals of Jackie Moore.

Following her success with the Freemasons’ first album, Amanda went on to provide lead vocals for their recent remix of Gusto’s “Disco’s Revenge”, which gave Amanda her third Top 40 hit in the UK (peaking at number 33). Amanda has also provided vocals for various other dance tracks, most recently on Outsiders’ single “Keep This Fire Burning“.


  • 2012: Amanda Wilson



  • “Love on My Mind” (with Freemasons)


  • “Electric Love” (with Glamour Katz)
  • “Watchin'” (with Freemasons)


  • “I Feel Like” (with Freemasons)
  • “Gotta Let Go” (with A. Lee)
  • “Intoxicated” (with Raw)
  • “Heaven in Your Eyes” (with Night Drive)
  • “The Right Way” (with Wawa & Herd)


  • “Disco’s Revenge” (with Gusto)
  • “Good 4 Me” (with Daytone)
  • “Pure Emotion” (with Mr Fix It)
  • “Found A Miracle” (with Loveless)
  • “Keep This Fire Burning” (with Outsiders)
  • “Need in Me” (with Danny Dove & Steve Smart)
  • “Love Resurrection” (with Aurora)
  • “You’re Not Good For Me” (with Roxy ST)
  • “Falling For You” (with Soulcatcher)
  • “Saturday” (with Weekend Lovers)
  • “Something Gotta Give” (with Thomas Gold)
  • “Break It Off” (with Audiostar)


  • “The Right Way (Remixes)” (with Wawa & Herd)
  • “Make It Real” (with Signs)
  • “Surrender” (with Night Drive)
  • “Spin It Again”
  • “Just Because” (with Thomas Gold)
  • “Underneath My Skin” (with Nick Bridges)


  • “U Sure Do”
  • “Satisfaction Guaranteed” (with Mr Sam and Andy Duguid)
  • “Love U Seek” (with Samuele Sartini)
  • “Caught Up” (with Paul Harris, Michael Gray, Jon Pearn)
  • “Not Over You” (with Olav Basoski & Redroche)
  • “Smile” (with Sound of Soho)
  • “Another Minute”
  • “Sometimes” (with Dim Chris)
  • Seek Bromance” (with Tim Berg; Wilson re-recorded the vocals from “Love You Seek” for Berg’s “Bromance”))


  • “You and I (On Ibiza)” (with Kalwi & Remi)
  • “Back Again” (with Samuele Sartini)
  • “You Found Me” (with Dim Chris)
  • “Runaway” (with Chrizzo & Maxim)
  • “Don’t Throw It Away”


  • “Doing It Right”(with Remady & Manu-L)
  • “Breaking Up” (with Chuckie & Promise Land)
  • “Touch The Sky” (with Provenzano DJ)


  • “Im Still Breathing” (with Thiesen & Senza & James Durden)
  • “I Am Changing” (with Mastiksoul)
  • “I Need You” (with Kalwi & Remi)
  • “Trust In Me” (with Paul Rudd)


  • “Where My Heart Lives” (with Mike Lucas & Simon Beta)
  • “Save The Day” (with Etostone)
  • “Scared” (feat. Pitbull)



  • “Taking Vocal” (with Stephen William Cornish)

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